Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Timer

Nicole has been gently suggesting that I spend some time contributing to our blog. I guess using my likeness on the blog in name and in pictures doesn't suffice. Therefore, I will tackle the most noteworthy event in our lives recently: We're pregnant with our second child! Just kidding. At least to my knowledge we're not. Okay, so in all seriousness we have done a lot since our last post including coaching another great season of volleyball at Broomfield High School.

The volleyball season started anew in August of 2010 and this year Nicole had the Freshman team while I coached the JV team for the 3rd time. Both teams were exceptionally talented and both teams benefitted from countless offseason hours of dedicated girls honing their volleyball skills at club practices, club tournaments, open gyms, individual camps and team camps. A big highlight for the Freshman team was placing second in the Douglas County Freshman Invitational Tournament. They played well, had a ton of support from exuberant fans (thanks parents) and left DCHS only having lost to the host team on their home court. JV saw the continued development of a number of talented players including the emergence of impressive underclassmen. Varsity fought it's way through an expectedly tough league schedule, playing well against some of the best competition in the state. They took 2nd at District Tournament beating a tough Sterling team to advance. Regional tournament proved to be a tall order as BHS drew undefeated (and eventual state champs) Cheyenne Mountain and (3rd place in state as well as league rival) Longmont. Nevertheless they beat an experienced and scrappy Pueblo County team who had only lost 2 matches all season coming into Regionals. We feel so fortunate to be associated with a program that has, over the years, drawn some of the most athletic, dedicated and talented youth that Broomfield has to offer. We have high hopes and expectations for our upcoming off-season events as well as the upper-classmen who will be looking to lead this program back to the State Tournament

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time Keeps on Fly'n

Every year summer just goes by faster and faster and I hate it. I can't believe we are already in the fall. Not really looking forward to the cold weather in store. I also can't believe my baby is going to be ONE in a couple of weeks! We have had a fun, busy and eventful summer. So here are some of the highlights:
We had Aunts, Uncles, and cousins in town (for Papa's funeral). We were able to spend a lot of time with them. We went to the zoo, the cabin, the candy factory, and got some ice cream along the way. We also went to the pool for the first time and Kaylor LOVED it. She is such a water baby.
-On the 5th Kaylor decided she finally wanted to start crawling. She has been on the go ever since, exploring new things, and enjoying this new found freedom. She still likes to have people around, so if you aren't in the room with her she will start to cry and then try to come and find you.

-We were able to spend a few days in Laramie with my cousin Steph and her three kids, and Grandma Foster. Caroline (Steph's youngest) is 3 months older than Kaylor. Kaylor didn't think too much of her, but really liked her brothers. We went to the pool a couple of times, which again Kaylor loved.

-Kaylor learned how to clap, and use the "phone". When she picks things up like the remote she will hold it to her ear. And anytime she is holding the phone and you say "Hello" she will hold it to her ear. So cute.
-On the 3rd we took Kaylor to her first Rockies game. Too bad they lost bad than night.
-Kaylor and I took a trip to Utah for a week to surprise grandma Kiki for her birthday. So Kaylor had her first airplane ride. She did really well too. We also went to Vegas during that trip for a few days. We hung out by the pool, saw the MGM lion cubs, ate, and spend lots of time with the fam. Kaylor tried lots of new food during that trip. She tried all of the following and didn't spit any of it out:
-Ginger (which she really liked)
-Frozen Yogurt (courtesy of Grandpa)

-Black Beans (loved them)

I'm sure there were more I just can't remember all of them.

-The day before Kaylor turned 11months old (Sept.14th) she decided to FINALLY cut a tooth, with another one is on it's way. We thought for sure she was going to be like her dad and not get any until she was a least 13 months.
Those are most of the memorable highlights of our summer. Now that we are in full swing with Volleyball season time will just keep on flying.

Here are some pictures of our summer moments: Papa's Funeral
Kaylor's first time at the pool
8 Months old

Fun at the cabin
The Candy Factory

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kaylor 6 AND 7 month old Pictures

Totally slacked on this, but better late than never. Here are some cute pictures that I took of Kaylor of her at 6 and 7 months. Next week she will be 8 months already! It's quite the task keeping up with her.

6 Months Old

Here are some 7 month old pictures. She wouldn't smile very much for me, I'm not sure if it's because it was bright outside or if she was just grumpy.

7 Months Old

Pictures of the House...and Kaylor.

Just like I promised here are some pictures of the new house.New House

Front Bedroom/Office


Laundry Room

Family Room

Kitchen/Dining Area

Master Bedroom

I just have to point out the awesome headboard, the chandelier, and the lamps. Headboard was used, which just happened to match our dresser perfectly, purchased for $75. The chandelier on sale for $113, which matched the headboard perfectly (we had to buy one because the previous owners STOLE the fan/light!). And the lamps on clearance for $10 a piece. I'm very happy with our new bedroom, we got it all for a pretty sweet deal.

Master Closet

Here are some before pictures just so you can see how ugly the paint colors were before we covered them.

Family Room Before/and the other fan they stole when they moved out!!!
Kitchen Before

Does it remind you of ketchup and mustard?
Seriously why would you paint this color on your walls? YUCK!

I don't have pictures of Kaylor's room yet because I still need to paint in there. Right now it has torn up wall paper and blue paint half way down the walls. Hopefully I get to this soon. Again, we love our new place. If you ever need a place to stay in Denver, we have plenty of room and would love to have the company!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Slacker.....with good reason

I've totally slacked in the blogging area, but like I said, with good reason. We bought a house! We have been pretty busy getting settled in and trying to work and take care of a baby. We have been in our new house for a month now, and we love it! We have twice as much space as we had before, Kaylor now sleeps in her own room, even though our room is bigger than our old livingroom and dining combined. We can now park our cars in a garage, and our kitchen is ginormus! We were able to get our house thanks to Jeff's grandpa (Papa). Sine my credit has gone to crap, thanks to a investment deal gone bad, we needed someone with good credit along with Jeff on the loan. We asked Papa if he would be willing to be on the loan and live with us. Jeff and I talked with his mom and uncle and we all agreed that it would be a good idea to have him move in with us. Papa liked the idea too. So we set out and found this house. It was a short sale so it was a VERY drawn out process. We had to turn in 3 different offers the bank took so long. Well about 2 weeks before we were scheduled to close Papa had a stroke. He had to be intubated for 24 hrs and stayed in the hospital for 1 week. In the hospital the doctor kept telling us that he's probably only going to live for a few more days. We had 4 more days until we closed and it seemed a long way away. If Papa died we wouldn't be able to get the house. Well Monday came and Papa was alive and home at Mark and Rita's. Jeff was able to have Papa sign a power of attorney for the closing the day before the stroke. We went to the closing and everything went well. We are offically homeowners. So over a month ago we weren't sure if Papa was going to be around much longer, but he's still with us. He is bedbound now and will be until he passes away. Mark and Rita have been amazing. They take care of him, Jessica and on the weekends Kaylor too! They are two great examples of selflessness. We aren't sure still how much longer Papa plans on staying with us, but were sure glad to have had him around this long. He's had a very fullfilling 96 years on this earth, and we're excited to know that he and Grammy will be together again soon.

Since I'm posting this from my new i-phone I can't upload any pictures. Pictures will come later just wanted to give a quick update.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Kaylor eating rice cereal for the first time!

The past couple of weeks Kaylor has decided that she wants to do new things. Just so I don't forget I wanted to make sure that I recorded them somewhere. Where better to do that than the blog!

The fun things that Kaylor has been doing this month are:

-Holding her own bottle
-Grabbing and holding on to her feet.
-Eating rice cereal

And her biggest accomplishment....

It's so funny to watch her do this. She started out only doing it when she was mad. Then she decided it was ok to do anytime. She first gets to her side, then gets both arms behind her, and then rolls. She ends up trapping one arm under her and getting mad that she can't get it out. I'll post the video one of these days. Anywho that's what the bug has been up to these days. She just gets more fun everyday!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

17 inches.......GONE!

I finally did it. I've talked about it for months and months. Just ask Jeff, he told me to "Poop or get off the pot". I guess he was sick of hearing me talk about it. I hesitated for so long that a friend of mine finally just made the appointment for me. She and I went together to get our hair done. It was funny, the hair dresser didn't know what was coming. I showed her the picture and all she could say was "Wow!". I think because I was thinking and talking about it for several months I wasn't even nervous when the time came to just do it. I was really excited about it actually. She did an awesome job. I absolutly love it! Now I just need to color it. This is the first time my hair has been it's natural color since I was in high school. It's too plain, that's why I color it. It feels so weird not having any hair on my neck, or to run my fingers through. It totally feels like I'm wearing a wig, a cute wig! I'll be sending 14 inches of it to Locks of Love. It's the first time I've donated my hair, so I'm happy to do it. She ended up cutting a total of 17 inches! The most I have ever cut at one time. Sad, but good too. Here is my little goodbye note that I wrote on my Facebook page:
Dear luscious locks, you have been so good to me the past 4 years. We have had our good and bad times. You look fantastic when I want you too, you don't fly away, and you hold your color like a champ. I love the compliments that I get because of you (the old ladies especially love to compliment and touch you). You have so many different looks it's hard to choose which way to wear you. My favorite though is when you are long and curly I feel so pretty when you hold that curl. I'm sad to say that our time has come to move on. You must go now to someone who needs you more than I. Someone who isn't able to grow you the way I can. I hope they will enjoy you as much as I have. Be good to them, and continue to look as beautiful as ever. Tomorrow will be a sad, but great day, a change for both of us. Goodbye long beautiful hair, you will be missed.

Oh my gosh it really is gone, AHHHH!

Like it so far

WOW! Is that really 14 inches

Don't cry Kaylor, it'll grow back so that you can grab it and pull on it again!


This is Caity, the one who made me go!